Burga Bio



Antonio Gordon aka Burga, was born and raised in Melbourne, Florida which is in Brevard County a.k.a “Count Down County 321.” Though Burga is from a small city 30 miles east of Orlando his music still reaches and touches fans from all over the world. Over the years Florida has always been known to birth big artist, the recent emergence of artist such as Lil Pump, Rode Wave, Glock Nine, the late XXXTectacion, J, Green, and YNW Melly who is featured with Burga on record called “Nightmares at The Bottom.” It’s evident that Burga’s is next and his wave is about to tsunami the music industry. 

For the last few years Burga has been consistent in releasing mixtapes projects year after year and doing shows across the South East while promoting his NBA MOB MG Label. His Mixtape series “T.H.I.D.Y.B” This How I’m Doing Yall Beats has been a fan favorite! The release of his latest mixtape album “Keep That Same Energy” featuring artist Tokyo Jetz, Baby Soulja, and YWN Melly is body of work not just a mixtape.  The mixtape album takes your through a musical ride of real life the ups and downs, to street/club bangers, like “Bale Talk” and “Loose Leaves,” fans say, “I can just let Burg’s music ride from start to finish!”  


The emotional song “Drowning” Burga tells a vivid story about losing his close loved ones.  Though its his favorite song off the mixtape its one of the toughest songs for him and his camp to listen to, but his team feels the song is therapeutic to fans which is why everyone loves it. The emotions of his lyric’s pierces through your heart. Artist like 2 Pac, Nipsey Hussle and DMX connect emotional to their fans and Burga has the same effect. There has been a lot of talk in the streets and industry about Burg’s current mixtape and movement with his First-Class Ent/NBA MOB MG label.  He is catching the attention of a lot of new fans and tastemakers.  When visiting LA for his label mate Kalan FrFr tour, the late great Nipsey Hussle was fatally shot in front of his store.  Moved by his passing, Burga shot an impromptu music video for “Harsh Reality” which is growing legs and gaining attention on You Tube from fans, DJ’s and tastemakers.  

Staying true to his artistry 


Burga will continue to give his fans music they can feel and vibe too.  Burga and his team always focus on putting out quality music track for track.  He has music that everyone can listen to, whether your going through relationship issues, real life issues, or you need to turn up and hustle and go get it, Burga creates timeless music that can’t be denied…  

Burga continues staying busy with traveling, recording, and he is set to release 6 new videos, a documentary, a short film, and has new merch/clothing line in the works.  Burga and his team’s mindset has always been independent, as his manager J-Holla states. 


“We function like the majors do and have always kept an independent business mindset.  Burg is not just an artist he is a businessman. Yall think he quite but the kids mind is sharp.  We run our label like fortune 500 company, we have a team, we have partnerships, we are in it for the long haul… We not here to play we are focused on building something special that will impact not only our teams lives but the culture! Just pay attention to the FCE/NBA MOB movement we can show you better than we can tell you.  

We have been putting work for years, its Burg’s time though, we keep a Nipsey Hussle frame of mind, as the saying goes “The Marathon Continues” First Class Ent is the Movement! NBA MOB!”